The words "Dec 5" on a Paradise patterned backgroundPhoto of Paradise with the marquee saying: Opening December 5

Paradise opens on Thursday, December 5.

Our full program with tickets and details will go live on Wednesday, November 27. Attend our Paradise Opening event on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss your first chance at tickets!

We have three events on sale now, see our Events page

In the age of media-on-demand, Paradise distills what has made movie-going special through the ages: the joy of discovery through film, and the experience of sharing a space with both loved ones and strangers, tapping into a feeling of connection.

Osteria Rialto logo Bar Biltmore branding (pink and green)

Paradise will offer a unique, welcoming experience through food, drink and the arts.

Opening December 5: Paradise Theatre, a state-of-the-art venue presenting a curated mix of newly released films, older classics and undiscovered gems, as well as live music, talk series and multi-arts events.

Opening date coming soon: Osteria Rialto, a full-service restaurant offering up fresh, seasonal ingredients in dishes that innovate on classic Italian cuisine.

Opening date coming soon: Bar Biltmore, where spritzes, sours and negronis are enjoyed alongside small bites.

Detail of the re-made heritage box office Detail of the lobby bar, designed by Solid Design Creative

ERA Architects, whose expertise lies in heritage projects, has been tasked with preserving the Art Deco and Art Moderne façade, including the distinct racing stripes, curved parapet, detailed terrazzo and historic ticket booth. 

The rejuvenated façade is marked with the unmistakable Paradise marquee and sign, a replica of the building’s 1937 signage made by Pride Signs.

And Solid Design Creative reimagined the interiors of Paradise for the modern day. 

Paradise film brandingRendering of the interior of Paradise Theatre auditorium, with a film being projected on screen

Film will make up the bulk of Paradise Theatre’s programming and will include the following:

New films
Approximately 3 to 4 new films will play at Paradise each month, shortly after their initial release, with a focus on independent and critically acclaimed features.

Film seasons
Spanning decades and genres, these shorter-run (not ongoing) series will pay homage to different periods of film, history, subjects or themes.

Film Series
A range of weekly and monthly film events. 

Paradise branding for comedy eventsParadise branding for music events

Paradise Theatre is flexible to accommodate both cinema and live performances, with a cinema and separate lecture screen that retract into the ceiling, five rows of seats that fold into the ground to create standing room, and state-of-the-art live sound and digital cinema systems which integrate fully.

With just about everything being multimodal and multipurpose these days, we’re excited to bring that experience into a brick-and-mortar venue. With this adaptable space, experimentation and multi-arts events are encouraged, and audiences won’t have to feel like Paradise Theatre is strictly any one thing—a cinema, a live music venue, a lecture hall—other than a place to share memorable experiences.

See our Paradise Opening event for more info on our program!


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