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Photo of Paradise blueprint with Benjamin Brown's name

Paradise's original architect: Benjamin Brown

Happy birthday, Benjamin Brown!⁣

Paradise’s original architect was also Toronto’s first practicing Jewish architect, producing beautiful buildings in what was still a largely antisemitic climate. When he started his practice in the 1920s, it proved difficult to attract broad clientele, and many of his early commissions came from members of the Jewish community.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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The reviews are in!

We're so delighted with the positive response we've received from the community and press! Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported Paradise in its first few weeks of operation.

“The gloriously restored art deco venue at Bloor and Westmoreland, originally built in 1937, boasts a sleek upstairs cocktail bar that feels like the sort of fancy train car you'd flirt with Cary Grant inside (before he gets arrested on suspicion of murder in a Hitchcock movie)…

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