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Sitting at the crossroads of hospitality and arts and culture, Paradise makes it a priority to ensure it is a safe and rewarding place to work. 

Over the past few months, Paradise has been busily hiring managers, servers, floor staff, A/V techs, line cooks and more. The people at Paradise know that hospitality doesn’t just extend to the guest, and making staff feel valued is an important part of making a space feel good. 

Paradise has laid out important frameworks for a secure workplace. The Paradise Code of Conduct is a key piece of this infrastructure. Paradise will have a transparent tip pool, full HR policies and is forward-looking to industry fairness.

All staff training involves Paradise instruction, supported by partners including Sistering on de-escalation and Naloxone administration, Canadian National Institute for the Blind on inclusivity and Terus on sustainability.

Paradise wants any staff who are interested to take full advantage of the myriad offerings on site. For example, if a Floor Staff employee at Paradise Theatre is interested in learning more about wine, they are more than welcome to join wine tastings with the Osteria Rialto and Bar Biltmore teams.

Staff will be supported in working across units, and could potentially gain experience working in a high-volume theatre, restaurant and cocktail bar without leaving 1006 Bloor St W.

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