Promoting our partnerships!

Taking a moment to thank and give credit to some of our excellent community partners!


Terus is a social enterprise that works with restaurants to help reduce waste and improve profits. Terus assists Paradise Theatre by providing recommendations of proven waste management solutions for sustainable procurement, staff training and waste management systems, as well as identifying other opportunities for innovation. 

Examples of innovative approaches to sustainability supported by Terus are Paradise Theatre’s use of reusable cups and recyclable popcorn bags. 

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

In partnership with Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Paradise is proud to be Canada’s first sight accessible cinema. 
Paradise uses Beacon technology throughout the building, to assist blind and visually impaired people navigate Paradise. Patrons can ask Paradise staff for QR codes to scan for food and drink menus. Directional signage includes braille panels. On-site signage and digital properties have been designed to Association of Registered Graphic Designers “AccessAbility” handbook guidelines. The Paradise website has been reviewed by CNIB for accessibility. 
CNIB has trained Paradise staff on blind etiquette, dog etiquette and Blindsquare use. 
When screening films with audio description, Paradise offers two kinds of assistive devices, each of which allows patrons to adjust the volume to their needs:

  • HDE2020-D Stethoset receivers for guests who do not use hearing aids
  • EK2020-D Beltpack receivers for guests who use hearing aids


Sistering is a multi-service agency for at-risk, socially isolated women in Toronto that operates a 24-hour drop-in centre just one block east of Paradise. Among its many operations, Sistering serves three full meals every day and conducts an outstanding schedule of arts, crafts and entertainment.

As an active participant in the Bloorcourt neighbourhood, Paradise is inherently interested in the wellbeing of our neighbours and partners with Sistering on a variety of initiatives, including but not limited to collaborations on programming, and training our staff on de-escalation and Naloxone administration.

Every month, we hold a screening in our A Woman's Work series, in support of Sistering.

In February 2020, Paradise hosted a Sistering Open House.

Access 2 

Paradise is proud to participate in the Easter Seals’ Access 2 Card program, which grants a support person free admission for tickets purchased in-person. A support person is an adult who accompanies a person with a permanent disability to assist with services that are not provided by the employees at the participating venue, such as assistance with eating, administering medication, communication and use of the facilities.

And more!

We also have a representative on the board of the Bloorcourt Business Improvement Area. 

Theatre programming and restaurant partnerships are already under way, and we're excited to work with every one of you. 

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