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The reviews are in!

We're so delighted with the positive response we've received from the community and press! Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported Paradise in its first few weeks of operation.

“The gloriously restored art deco venue at Bloor and Westmoreland, originally built in 1937, boasts a sleek upstairs cocktail bar that feels like the sort of fancy train car you'd flirt with Cary Grant inside (before he gets arrested on suspicion of murder in a Hitchcock movie) and a glistening golden lobby.” - CBC Arts

"My grandparents met here in 1945. So happy to see it reopening. I guess I exist because of @paradiseonbloor " - @suzycoolen

“The results are right there in every detail and corner of the new Paradise. A gold-and-black concessions stand, its striped pattern inspired by old TTC streetcars, commands attention as soon as you walk through the building’s doors. The plush leather seats with built-in side tables in the balcony provide the ideal vantage point to appreciate the room’s bold black, grey and gold interior design, or whatever happens to be projected on the screen (or performed on the stage). And the blue-and-teal marquee and sign out front, a replica of the original 1937 signage, lights up the neighbourhood, serving as a beacon for cinephiles and those who haven’t stepped inside a movie theatre in years.” -The Globe and Mail

“It’s official! @paradiseonbloor is now open after 13 years! They have done a spectacular job restoring it and adding on a new restaurant and bar. Oh, and the sign lit up at night just gives #Bloorcourt some amazing extra sparkle. We are in <3.” - @Bloorcourt_BIA

“Glimmering gold accents, scalloped bricks, and a catalogue of wall tiles so beautiful it has its own hashtag: #TilesOfParadise, harken back to the theatre's Art Deco past with design that's both old-timey and modern.” - BlogTO

“All the heart-eyes!!!!” - @jessrawk 

“The 1937 Art Deco gem has finally been resuscitated – and the end results eclipse even the building's original glory days.” - Sharp Magazine

"Congrats to @paradiseonbloor for the great reno & thanks for screening long-time fav The Awful Truth. Gorgeous throwback!” - @sbaycheng

“Be one of the first to experience this newly revitalized historic venue. It's GORGEOUS! ” - She Does The City

“*buys plane ticket to Toronto*” - @thedoophus

“They recreated the original marquee signage out front from scratch and built a retro speakeasy-style interior, with brass accents, leather stools and funky tiling. The programming focuses on films set in the city or starring local talent, and caters to Bloor West’s evolving young family community—they run a weekly screening for infants and caregivers where they fold down the front five rows in favour of toddler-friendly mats.” - Toronto Life

“I live on your block and used to see flicks at your place before the doors shut all those years ago. You look gorgeous and I'm jazzed to become a new (old) regular! Best wishes for a successful reinvention!” - @adamfoord

“Its latest iteration sees it combining film screenings with live music and comedy acts, making it a cultural destination for all kinds of tastes and sensibilities.” - Fashion Magazine

“Congratulations. Welcome!!” - @JulianRichings

“The bathrooms are much more civilized than at your local Cineplex.” - Toronto Life

“Oh, this makes me very happy.” - @BenLewisHere

"It took a little longer than originally planned, but the renovated, refurbished Paradise Cinema on Bloor West finally reopened this month after 13 years sitting dormant. (It’s part of an ambitious food-and-entertainment complex that also includes Bar Biltmore and Osteria Rialto.) Director of programming Jessica Smith has lined up an intriguing multidisciplinary program, mixing live music and comedy cabarets with new releases and smartly organized film series, including a Toronto Plays Itself retrospective that samples some 60 years of the city’s cinema and kicks off with a New Year’s Day 2020 screening of Edgar Wright’s delirious Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World." - Now Magazine, Celebrating film's local heroes of 2019

“The retro Paradise Theatre on Bloor got a swanky new makeover.” - Toronto Life

“This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Congrats!” - @SteveVenright

“It should be noted that the availability of Pocky and Soma chocolate take this concession stand to the next level.” - BlogTO

"My neighbourhood movie theatre is back." @JacopoBambino

“What was once a 643-seat venue dedicated solely to the moving image will now be a more intimate multipurpose arts space for film, music, comedy and live talks.” - The Globe and Mail

“Congrats to the @paradiseonbloor their opening: As cinema lovers/makers/curators who also live in #Bloorcourt we’re thrilled you’re back! Watching #CinemaParadiso there last week, knowing my Italian immigrant fam watched films in that same space in the 60s was moving & lovely.” - @melissadags 

“With the historic Paradise Cinema finally reopening, the city's cinema culture has reached peak glory.” - CBC Arts

"Your January picks just knocked me on my ass. Outrageous!, Monkey Warfare, Nobody Waved Goodbye, and Goin' Down the Road all in the same month" - @ricotta_pie

“Upgraded the 1937 building’s original Art Deco aesthetics to a style that is both elevated and comforting.” - The Globe and Mail

"Congratulations @paradiseonbloor - what you have done here is nothing short of incredible. So very sweet to see one of Toronto’s classic cinema gems shine again. Thank you!" - @jeremy_hopkin

"Cheers to more great cinema in the city.  Welcome back to the neighbourhood @paradiseonbloor" - @TIFF_NET

“Right out of the box, has such great buzz and such great impact for the arts community and the neighbourhood.” - Jason Collett

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