The Social Distancing Weekly

The Social Distancing Weekly: March 29, 2020

Welcome to The Social Distancing Weekly

Here's a nice thought: We're doing this for each other. All the staying home, closing up shop, risk-taking and sacrifice—it's for the common goal of keeping each other safe and healthy. 

We honour that, and every week we'll be back with more:

  • Movies at home
  • Tools for your personal projects
  • Virtual tourism
  • Resources on health
  • Community and kindness

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Movies at home:

SXSW Short Films

Watch the 2020 SXSW Short Films, for free! Oscilloscope Laboratories and Mailchimp present #SupportTheShorts in the wake of this year's festival cancellation. 

Free Short Films

A note on the Virtual Paradise Theatre movies below: We're delighted to partner with film distributors to bring new movies to the people who'd love them most! 

Fantastic Fungi

A climate changing, bee-saving film about mushrooms that "offers nothing less than a model for planetary survival" (New York Times).

Watch Now

Corpus Christi

This Oscar-nominated film is a darkly humorous and “engrossing exploration of faith, second chances and the possibility of atonement” (Screen).

Watch Now

The Wild Goose Lake

A "downright Hitchcockian" (AV Club) Chinese neo-Noir featuring neon-drenched cinematography.

Watch Now

Tools for your personal project:

Hosting Virtual Events on Zoom

Inspired by creative, exciting uses of Zoom? This handy guide is full of great tips.

Read the Guide

Writer Workshops

West End Phoenix has launched one-on-one writers' workshops with its publisher, Dave Bidini. We know Dave would be a great instructor.

Email Dave to learn more

Taking It Easy

Do what's best for you! The Chronicle of Higher Education has a piece on 'Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure.'

Read The article

Virtual tourism:

Montreux Jazz Festival

The legendary Montreux Jazz Festival has released more than 50 full sets from Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye and more.

View now

The National Theatre

Were you in the audience for one of our packed Fleabag screenings? Don't miss the National Theatre Live, online! Streaming a free play every Thursday night.

View Now

Resources on health: 

Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

The University of Toronto presents a free, virtual course on the anxiety reaction.

Discover the Course

The Evolution of a Coronavirus

From bats to human lungs, The New Yorker has a deep dive for all curious minds.

Read the article

Map COVID-19 Cases in Toronto

Co-created by a U of T student, is designed to help public health professionals project incoming patients.

Check it out

Community and kindness:

Your City Councillor

Stay up-to-date with your local councillor's email newsletter. We've been learning a lot from our local representative, Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão.

Find your city councillor

Save Hospitality

The Canadian restaurant industry needs help! We need immediate and clear action from the government to support those who own, operate, serve and support restaurants.

Learn more

Support Canadian Musicians

Want to show your support to local artists? This article in Exclaim! tells you how.

Watch Now

Canadian Cinema Worker Fund

A temporary funding resource for workers affected by COVID-19 cinema closures across Canada.

Visit the GoFundMe

Until next week:

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We'll be back next week. 

Until then, email with any questions, requests, inspiration or just to say hi. We're all in this together. 

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