The Social Distancing Weekly: May 15, 2020

The Social Distancing Weekly: May 15, 2020

Today, as ever, we want to thank you for your continued support. This is a time of significant change, and we're here for you!

We all have to adapt. Sometimes the adaptations are straightforward: Serving take-out and delivery. Sometimes they're a bit more curious: Transforming your lobby into a bottle shop that sells Paradise House Red wine.

Through every adaptation, the goal is the same: fostering memorable experiences, as was always our mission. 

Here's to a restful long weekend, and to a smile behind a mask!

Today, we present:

  • Food, drink, and bottles of wine
  • Virtual Paradise Theatre
  • Live music & more
  • Virtual tourism
  • Dive deeper

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Food, drink, and bottles of wine:

Osteria Rialto

We've expanded! New menu items, open on Sundays, and limited-time offers including our free focaccia on orders over $40, deals for 2 and families, and more. Now on DoorDashRitualUber Eats and via phone/email.

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Paradise Theatre

Order some freshly-popped popcorn and special seasoning (hint: it includes nutritional yeast!), along with wine, beer and batched cocktails. On Ritual and Uber Eats.

Learn More

Wine & Bottle Shop

LCBO prices, without the wait! Order online or at the Paradise front doors, daily from 1-8pm. Discount on orders of 12+ bottles. Free delivery on orders over $150.  

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Virtual Paradise Theatre 

When you buy a ticket to one of the movies below, you're also giving two tickets to front-line workers to enjoy a well-deserved escape to Paradise when we re-open. More info.


"A magical and remarkable documentary about the free-roaming feline population of Istanbul." - Variety

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Vitalina Varela

"Spectacular images, ideas, emotions, and performances are embedded in the lugubrious pace and tone of Pedro Costa’s modernist fusion of classic melodrama and documentary." - New Yorker

Learn More

Beyond the Visible – Hilma af Klint

"Do you long to roam the galleries of an art museum? [...] Stroll the galleries as this artist gets her posthumous spotlight." - POV Magazine

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We're delighted to continue offering:

Pay What You Can:

Adam Nayman on the Coen Brothers

Adam Nayman, who (literally) wrote the book on the Coens, presents an online lecture on the filmmaking duo: "The Rug Really Ties the Zoom Together."

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Live music & more: 

Virtually Junior

Toronto’s international children’s festival takes place online this weekend, with free Indigenous food teachings, dance demos, storytelling, comedy and more.

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Shake up your Monday with a fun, bop-filled livestream from this Toronto-based pop-rock sibling trio.

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Gentleman Reg

Gentleman Reg performs a solo set for the first time in a decade. You may remember him from his magnetic drag persona Regina Gently, on the Paradise stage in December.

Learn More

Virtual tourism:

The New Normal

"I’ve landed in Hong Kong after flying from Paris CDG." A detailed Twitter thread about the precautions, tests and waiting rooms of international travel, today.

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Shutdown Gallery

This immersive website really is a work of art! Explore the space, read the notes, and experience the art gallery wherever you are.

Press Play

36,000 Feet Under the Sea

You'll feel like an explorer reading this engrossing New Yorker article detailing deep sea expeditions.

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Dive deeper:

What Happens Next?

An epidemiologist and a coder/artist made this website exploring COVID-19 futures, using playable simulations.

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On Creativity

Feeling stuck? The Oatmeal has eight "marvelous and melancholy" learnings about creativity to share. 

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Rabbit Hole

Subscribe to hear expert journalism from the New York Times on how the internet can change minds and radicalize.

Listen Now

Paradise photo

Do you love what we do, and look forward to our re-open? There are many ways to support us:

We'll be back with another Social Distancing Weekly next week. 

Until then, email with any questions, requests or inspiration. We're all in this together. 

The Social Distancing Weekly

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