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Six-piece instrumental band RØISEN live-scoring a film at Paradise Theatre

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“Variety is the spice of Paradise. The opportunity to bring together and present an incredible range of programming, by way of screen and stage, is absolutely thrilling to me. Having collaborated with organizations and individuals across different art forms has further proven just how much talent and passion exists in this city. I’m looking forward to contributing to Toronto’s diverse and fulsome cultural landscape by sharing Paradise’s eclectic line-up of content with the Bloorcourt…

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Promoting our partnerships!

Taking a moment to thank and give credit to some of our excellent community partners!


Terus is a social enterprise that works with restaurants to help reduce waste and improve profits. Terus assists Paradise Theatre by providing recommendations of proven waste management solutions for sustainable procurement, staff training and waste management systems, as well as identifying other opportunities for innovation. 

Examples of innovative approaches to sustainability…

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