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A good place to work

Sitting at the crossroads of hospitality and arts and culture, Paradise makes it a priority to ensure it is a safe and rewarding place to work. 

Over the past few months, Paradise has been busily hiring managers, servers, floor staff, A/V techs, line cooks and more. The people at Paradise know that hospitality doesn’t just extend to the guest, and making staff feel valued is an important part of making a space feel good. 

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Photo of the Paradise exterior

Venue for today's audience

Since Paradise closed its doors in 2006, much has changed for what it means to be a single-screen venue in a major North American city. With the advent of a much more dispersed media selection, streaming services releasing new films online, the rise of ‘quality television’ and more, theatres are no longer the place audiences must go to see what’s new in the review columns or their group chats. 

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