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Blueprint from 1937

For the history buffs: the full Paradise timeline

A flagship in Toronto’s diverse and exciting Bloorcourt neighbourhood, Paradise has lived many lives over the past century. 

The venue has long been a communal place of gathering, as a neighbourhood cinema aka “Nabe” in its early days, to an Italian filmhouse run by a local trio of brothers, and cornerstone of the indie cinema network under the Festival Cinemas chain. 


“One-storey brick theatorium” Bloor Palace is built, part of the neighbourhood’s wave of development…

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A good place to work

Sitting at the crossroads of hospitality and arts and culture, Paradise makes it a priority to ensure it is a safe and rewarding place to work. 

Over the past few months, Paradise has been busily hiring managers, servers, floor staff, A/V techs, line cooks and more. The people at Paradise know that hospitality doesn’t just extend to the guest, and making staff feel valued is an important part of making a space feel good. 

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