Content Considerations

Paradise Theatre is committed to providing audiences with informed, accessible and supportive film and event-going experiences. 

Since January 2019, Paradise has participated in the Art House Convergence Alliance for Action’s Content Considerations working group, which is dedicated to providing film exhibitors with resources and best practices to empower audiences to make educated decisions about what they watch. 

At Paradise Theatre, we present a diverse range of content, both in terms of art form and genre.

We are sensitive to the fact that some audiences may find certain programming offensive, distressing and psychologically or even physically triggering. While we provide content descriptions for every event on our website, some content specifics and considerations are not always communicated. This is for various reasons: this information may not be central to the film or event’s theme; what some audience members find upsetting or triggering is often highly subjective, specific to their particular lived experiences and therefore unforeseeable; and/or expressing such content may result in spoilers. 

If you have any specific questions about programming content please email us at We also encourage audiences who have experienced trauma or may be sensitive to specific content to do additional research where possible.

With the recent news that the Ontario Film Authority has been dissolved, films will display classifications assigned by Consumer Protection BC, where available, while Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services determine how films will be rated going forward.

Paradise Theatre does not advocate for any particular ratings board or website outside of Consumer Protection BC. However, there are many helpful resources available internationally, which also include searchable databases and provide useful information on content considerations. Below are but a few. Please note some of these resources do include spoilers.

For our Family Pics film series, each film synopsis is followed by a recommended minimum age for younger audiences. Please note this is a recommendation only and we encourage parents and caregivers to do their own research to assess whether a film is suitable for younger audiences within their care.

If you have any questions or concerns about any content presented at Paradise Theatre please email us at