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A Married Couple

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Before reality TV came A Married Couple, the ‘actuality drama‘ for which Allan King (Warrendale) documented Billy and Antoinette Edwards’s tempestuous relationship over a 10-week period. Played out mostly inside the Edwards’s Midtown Toronto home, the film captures a zeitgeist of Toronto middle-class bohemia expressed through the Edwards’s preoccupations, philosophies and fashion. Watching the Edwards play emotional and psychological tug-of-war is as uncomfortable as it is riveting. The effects are long-lasting; this addictive doc plays havoc with your psyche.

DCP is courtesy of the TIFF Film Reference Library

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“A drama that, in its utter nakedness, makes John Cassavetes’s Faces look like early Doris Day."
Time Magazine
“[Allan King] has pushed filmed sociology into the murky outer reaches of psychodrama.”
The New York Times
“Rawness, anger and a discomfiting level of intimacy.”
Globe and Mail
Directed by: Allan King
Featuring: Billy Edwards Antoinette Edwards
Year: 1969 Runtime: 99 mins Rating: R