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An American Tail

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The year is 1885, and a family of Ukrainian mice, the Mousekewitz’s, are attacked by torch-bearing Cossack cats. They escape, ultimately setting sail for the New World, where the American dream is alive and well, promising these tired, poor, huddled mice a land where there are no cats, and the streets are paved with cheese! With its wonderful musical numbers and timeless themes of tolerance and compassion, Don Bluth’s animated adventure remains a joy from start to heartwarming finish.

The recommended minimum age for this film is 5.

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"Combining much of the richness of bygone Disney animation with modern technological effects."
The Washington Post
"Stands the test of time."
"An especially relevant animated film for children and adults today."
Directed by: Don Bluth
Featuring: Philip Glassner Nehemiah Persoff Christopher Plummer Dom DeLuise Madeline Khan
Year: 1986 Runtime: 80 mins Rating: All Ages