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Bad Santa

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Meet Willie T. Soke, a booze-addled, sex-obessed safe-breaker whose vulgarity knows no bounds. He’s also the local shopping mall Santa. Willie, alongside his criminal cohort, is about to embark on an annual grift, a tradition that involves gaining unfettered access to a mall before robbing it blind. Only this year, things don’t go entirely as planned. Jaw droppingly funny and uncompromisingly inappropriate throughout, Terry Zwigoff’s seriously twisted seasonal tale is a debauched delight.

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"An antidote to forced holiday cheer."
"Plugs into - and electrifies - the mostly unacknowledged grimness... beneath our holiday cheer."
"Makes no compromises and takes no prisoners."
Roger Ebert
Directed by: Terry Zwigoff
Featuring: Billy Bob Thornton Tony Cox Lauren Graham Bernie Mac Brett Kelly
Year: 2003 Runtime: 90 mins Rating: R