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Despicable Me

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An evildoer extraordinaire is on the verge of achieving his greatest feat of villainy yet—he is going to steal the moon! The success of this devious venture is reliant on an elaborate plan involving a bank loan, a shrink-ray gun, and three orphaned girls whom he adopts. Despite his best efforts, things don't progress entirely flawlessly. The first film in the Despicable Me franchise is riotously entertaining from start to finish. It also has Minions, lots of them.

"One of the year’s most likeable family entertainments."
Time Out
"The risks and the cleverness and the imagination pay rich dividends."
The Globe and Mail
"Loads of giggles and just enough dark-edged humor to keep the adult companions interested."
Directed by: Pierre Coffin Chris Renaud
Featuring: Steve Carell Jason Segel Russell Brand Julie Andrews Will Arnett
Year: 2010 Runtime: 95 mins Rating: All Ages