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Groundhog Day

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Director Harold Ramis’ revered Capra-esque fable has only grown in stature since its initial release over 25 year ago. Bill Murray plays a cynical misanthrope who finds himself trapped in a time-loop, forced to relive the titular holiday while confronting his various shortcomings. One of many brilliant creative collaborations between Second City alums Murray and Ramis, Groundhog Day ranks as the best of the bunch. As far as life-affirming, comic masterpieces go, it’s a “doozy”!

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"A hilarious and unexpectedly profound comedy."
AV Club
"The best American comedy since Tootsie."
The Washington Post
"Probably the best work I've done."
Bill Murray
Directed by: Harold Ramis
Featuring: Bill Murray Andie MacDowell Chris Elliot Stephen Tobowlowsky Brian Doyle-Murray
Year: 1993 Runtime: 100 mins Rating: PG