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An awkward, video-game obsessed wallflower (Joaquin Phoenix) falls for the titular ‘Her,’a computer operating system (voiced evocatively by Scarlett Johansson) in this fantastic metaphysical romance set in the near future. This brilliantly observant examination of consciousness and what love can be is told in director Spike Jonze’s signature idiosyncratic style. A romance like no other, it constantly surprises and will make you consider Siri and Alexa in a whole new light.

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“A wistful, wonderful meditation on where we are and where we might be going.”
Philadelphia Inquirer
“Transcends its own ingenuity to achieve something akin to wisdom.”
The Atlantic
“Melancholy, moving and unmissable.”
Time Out
Directed by: Spike Jonze
Featuring: Scarlett Johansson Joaquin Phoenix Amy Adams Chris Pratt Rooney Mara
Year: 2013 Runtime: 126 mins Rating: 14A