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Filled with incredible intimacy, humour and heart, this documentary has been buzzing ever since it first debuted at Sundance in 2019, and now has the distinction of being the first film nominated for both a Best Documentary and Best International Feature Oscar. Honeyland is a stirring and profound portrait of a Macedonian female beekeeper, Hatidze, whose life and work presents a lens through which the filmmakers (Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska) are able to delicately meditate on what happens when old and new worlds collide.

Presented in Macedonian and Turkish, with English subtitles.

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“A gorgeous reflection on our relationship to nature.”
“An unforgettable vérité character study."
The Hollywood Reporter
“Stunningly beautiful and quietly powerful.”
Empire Magazine
Directed by: Ljubomir Stefanov Tamara Kotevska
Country: North Macedonia Year: 2019 Runtime: 86 mins Rating: PG