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One of Second City Toronto’s most famous exports, Martin Short joined the company in 1977 in the excellently titled revue show The Wizard of Ossington. After successful stints on both SCTV and SNL, Hollywood beckoned and Innerspace, a high-concept hybrid of sci-fi, action and comedy, was his second big studio film following Three Amigos. Starring alongside Dennis Quaid, Short is hugely entertaining in a role that allows him to engage in a wildly physical and wonderfully expressive comedy performance.

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"Keeps you hooked with the way it effortlessly moves from sci-fi to comedy to action..."
Aisle Seat
"Short has infinitely more possibilities and makes the most of them, coming into his own..."
"Short's comeback film...realizing the promise of his peculiar but fascinating work on [SNL]"
Roger Ebert
Directed by: Joe Dante
Featuring: Martin Short Dennis Quaid Meg Ryan Kevin McCarthy Fiona Lewis
Year: 1987 Runtime: 120 mins Rating: All Ages