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Make Way for Tomorrow

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When Leo McCarey won the Best Director Oscar for The Awful Truth, he began his acceptance speech by quipping "Thanks... but you gave this to me for the wrong picture." McCarey was referring to Make Way for Tomorrow, his forgotten masterpiece about an elderly couple forced to foreclose their home and move in with their preoccupied children. The veteran comedy director’s wry insights into human relationships - utilized for punchlines in his other films - are channeled into a revelatory drama of lifelong love and generational disconnect. Cited as the inspiration for Yasujirō Ozu’s Tokyo Story 16 years later, McCarey’s film has since come to be regarded as one of the finest from ‘37.

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"Leo McCarey understood people better than any other Hollywood director."
Jean Renoir
"Deeply personal filmmaking within the assembly line system of Classical Hollywood."
Film School Rejects
"One of the great unsung Hollywood masterpieces."
Directed by: Leo McCarey
Featuring: Thomas Mitchell Belulah Bondi Victor Moore Fay Bainter Porter Hall
Year: 1937 Runtime: 91 mins Rating: STC