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Muppets From Space

Part of Family Pics
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The Great Gonzo discovers that his family tree is rooted on another planet, and becomes the centre of a government conspiracy in this lovably goofy Muppet adventure. Casually crossing paths with a customarily eclectic mix of surprise guests (Hulk Hogan, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta and more), Gonzo has to decide whether to stay with his friends or join his family in outer space. The first Muppet film produced after the death of Jim Henson, the franchise’s sixth outing proves that the big heart and sharp comedic timing of the master puppeteer lives on.

The recommended minimum age for this film is 5.

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Sunday, March 15

Part of Family Pics
“A clever premise that will appeal to all ages.”
Boston Globe
“Comes closest to recapturing the pure joy of the 1979 original!”
Los Angeles Times
“The best Muppet movie.”
Directed by: Tim Hill
Featuring: Jerry Nelson Dave Goelz Steve Whitmire Bill Barretta Brian Henson
Country: USA Year: 1999 Runtime: 87 mins Rating: G