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Out of Sight

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Opposites attract in Steven Soderbergh’s lively and witty adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel. George Clooney plays a career criminal who escapes prison and embarks on a cat-and-mouse game with a US Marshall played by Jennifer Lopez. Scott Frank was Oscar nominated for his whip-smart screenplay, which brilliantly captures the electric tension between the two mismatched, but mutually attracted, central characters. Fun fact: Michael Keaton plays the same character here as he did in Quentin Tarantino’s Leonard adaptation Jackie Brown.

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“Smartly written, brilliantly cast—and directed with almost palpable enjoyment.”
Chicago Tribune
“A splendid reminder of just how assured, intelligent and involving Soderbergh's movies can be.”
Time Out
“Sharp, funny, classy movie that leaves a wry grin on your face long after the credits roll.”
Directed by: Steven Soderbergh
Featuring: Jennifer Lopez George Clooney Don Cheadle Ving Rhames Catherine Keener
Year: 1998 Runtime: 123 mins Rating: 14A