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Pulp Fiction

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There’s no looking back once Dick Dale's blistering guitar kicks off the opening credits of Pulp Fiction. Quentin Tarantino's postmodern masterpiece is inextricably tied to its multi-platinum-selling soundtrack, an eclectic blend of surf rock and '70s soul that hops through time and genre as fluidly as the film's disjointed narrative. Alternately hypnotic and frenetic, but always cool as hell, these carefully curated songs provide the perfect backdrop for Tarantino's gleefully skewed plunge into LA's underworld.

The film will be followed by The Mercenaries x Tarantino Dance Party, a live concert of tunes from Pulp Fiction and other iconic soundtracks. These events are ticketed separately, or can be purchased together as a bundle. View deal.

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“Brilliantly written and unfathomably cool.”
“Hot, cool...unfailingly playful.”
Boston Globe
“Shocking, funny and blazingly original.”
New York Times
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Featuring: Ving Rhames John Travolta Samuel L. Jackson Bruce Willis Uma Thurman
Country: USA Year: 1994 Runtime: 153 mins Rating: 18A