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Strange Brew

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In an extended riff on one of their most popular SCTV skits, Bob and Doug McKenzie try to convince their local brewery they’ve found a mouse in one of their beer bottles. The hosers' grift takes them to the top of Elsinor Brewery, where they discover that an evil brewmeister has added a sinister secret ingredient to Elsinore’s beer. Delightfully surreal with plenty of dry nods to “required Canadian content”, Strange Brew is a Canadian comedy classic.

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"Thomas and Moranis...have got the gusto for good comedy filmmaking."
The Washington Post
"Long before Wayne and Garth or Beavis and Butt-Head, there was Bob and Doug."
Reel Canada
"Bizarrely endearing and ambitious... eminently watchable."
Directed by: Rick Moranis Dave Thomas
Featuring: Rick Moranis Dave Thomas Max von Sydow Paul Dooley Lynne Griffin
Year: 1983 Runtime: 90 mins Rating: PG