Film Event
Film Event

Tales from the Big Smoke

Tales from the Big Smoke brings some of the city’s best short films to the big screen. Taking a trip through Toronto over time, these films from veteran journalists, iconic Canadian artists, and some of our most interesting creators working today, tell stories of our past, present and future. Witness Toronto’s transformation on screen from an industrial boom town to a dystopian future in which capitalist greed and Indigenous mythology collide.

Films in the programme include:

Toronto Boom Town (Leslie McFarlane, 1951)

Whatever Happened to Jackie Shane? (Lauren Hortie & Sonya Reynolds, 2014)

A & B in Ontario (Joyce Wieland, 1984)

A Fixed Point (Mark Ellam, 2013)

Weekends (Trevor Jimenez, 2018)

Take A Walk on the Wildside (Lisa Rideout, 2016)

100 Musicians (Charles Officer, 2012)

Wakening (Danis Goulet, 2013)

This shorts programme is curated by Emily Reid, Artistic & Executive Director of Toronto Outdoor Picture Show, a local nonprofit festival that presented a film series called Cinematic Cities in parks across the city in 2018.

Directed by: Charles Officer Leslie McFarlane Lauren Hortie Sonya Reynolds Joyce Wieland Mark Ellam Lisa Rideout Danis Goulet Trevor Jimenez
Runtime: 86 mins Rating: STC