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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

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The widowed Mrs. Muir (Gene Tierney) moves into a haunted sea-side cottage and soon meets the resident ghost: an eternally grumpy sea captain (Rex Harrison) whose vulgarity is matched only by his charm. Sparks fly and wits collide as the unlikely housemates bicker their way towards a transcendental romance, which gets complicated when Mrs. Muir catches the eye of a suave (and very much alive) suitor. Packed with delightful one-liners and charismatic banter, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir offers a surprisingly nuanced exploration of a wholly unique love triangle.

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“Warmly human and the out-of-this-world romance pulls… an infectious tug that never slackens.”
“A hugely charming film...superbly acted, and with a haunting score by Bernard Hermann."
Time Out
“A richly sentimental, tenderly nuanced tale with deep, unresolved, philosophical mystery.”
The New Yorker
Directed by: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Featuring: Gene Tierney Rex Harrison George Sanders Edna Best Vanessa Brown
Year: 1947 Runtime: 104 mins Rating: STC