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The Land Before Time

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After his mother dies defending him from a Tyrannosaurus, Littlefoot, a Brontosaurus, bands together with a group of young dinosaurs to seek out the Great Valley, a legendary land where dinosaurs can roam safely, and food is plentiful. Director Don Bluth followed An American Tail (also playing at Paradise Theatre in December) with this delightful animated adventure. Both poignant and incredibly exciting, it’s sure to enchant family members young and old.

The recommended minimum age for this film is 6.

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"So authentically geared to the thinking of children that it should charm adults as well."
New York Times
"Embraces a larger perspective than merely that of the adventure story."
Boston Herald
"It's the kind of movie that parents and children ought to see together, then talk about afterward."
Miami Herald
Directed by: Don Bluth
Featuring: Helen Shaver Judith Barsi Pat Hingle Gabriel Damon Bill Erwin
Year: 1988 Runtime: 69 mins Rating: PG