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The Muppet Movie

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A rollicking road movie featuring cameos by everyone from Big Bird to Orson Welles, The Muppet Movie is a bonafide family classic full of sharp meta-humour and unforgettable songs. Tag along with Kermit the Frog on a cross-country trip to Hollywood while being pursued by an evil restaurateur. Along the way, Kermit meets Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Gonzo—not to mention Carol Kane, Bob Hope and Steve Martin—as they drive towards their iconic closing performance of Rainbow Connection.

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“This is magic, after all, so who wants to know where Henson is?”
Roger Ebert
“Charm for the kids and in-jokes for their parents."
People Magazine
“A balance between fuzzy post-hippie positivism and self-deprecating wit.”
The Dissolve
Directed by: James Frawley
Featuring: Jim Henson Frank Oz Jerry Nelson Richard Hunt Dave Goelz
Year: 1979 Runtime: 95 mins Rating: All Ages