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The Silent Partner

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Finally receiving its overlong dues, The Silent Partner is a sleek, brilliantly plotted and darkly drenched cult thriller, which pits Elliott Gould against Christopher Plummer to maximum effect. Gould plays a bank teller—based in the then brand new Eaton Centre—who cottons onto the mall’s suspicious Santa (a wonderfully deranged Plummer) and attempts to subvert an expected heist. The edge-of-your-seat drama that ensues is layered with surprising character depth and developments thanks to the airtight script, adapted for the screen by Curtis Hanson (LA Confidential).

"The most audaciously clockwork plot I've seen in a long time."
Roger Ebert
"Plummer is absolutely chilling as the psychotic thief."
Film Frenzy
"An uncommonly clever and gripping suspense thriller."
The Washington Post
Directed by: Daryl Duke
Featuring: John Candy Christopher Plummer Elliot Gould Sussanah York Celine Lomez
Year: 1978 Runtime: 106 mins Rating: R