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Marion (Constance Bennett) and George (Cary Grant) Kerby live life in the fast lane, until they wake from a car accident as ghosts and realize they’re one good deed short of going to heaven. The Kerbys decide to earn their ticket to paradise by helping their stuffy friend Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) shake up his life. Produced by Hal Roach, of Laurel and Hardy fame, Topper proved to be a laugh-out-loud box office smash with special effects that still hold up today.

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Ranked #60 on the Top 100: List of The Funniest Films Ever Made
- American Film Institute
"Pleasure to be found in the cast's graceful way with comedy and their smooth ensemble playing."
- Time Out
"Some of the situations and dialogue offend conventional good taste."
- Variety (1937)
Directed by: Norman McLeod
Featuring: Cary Grant Constance Bennett Roland Young Billie Burke Alan Mowbray
Year: 1937 Runtime: 97 mins Rating: All Ages