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Trouble In Paradise

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A gentleman jewel thief, a glamourous pickpocket and a high-society heiress trade possessions and romance in this pre-code romantic comedy from one of early Hollywood’s finest directors, Ernst Lubitsch. The film’s innuendo-heavy script, or ‘verbal foreplay’ as Roger Ebert referred to it, is brought playfully to life by the film’s three charming leads. Sophisticated, stylish and with surprising emotional depth, Trouble in Paradise bears all the hallmarks of the famed Lubitsch Touch and is a perfect introduction to Paradise Day.

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"Considered the paragon of the Lubitsch canon, as well as a jewel of the pre-Production Code era."
Chicago Tribune
"The most sophisticated comedy ever produced in Hollywood."
"Legendary director Ernst Lubitsch’s masterful touch is in full flower."
Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
Featuring: Edward Everett Horton Miriam Hopkins Kay Francis Herbert Marshall Charles Ruggles
Year: 1937 Runtime: 82 mins Rating: STC