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Waiting for Guffman

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Christopher Guest‘s name has become synonymous with mockumentary since he co-starred in This is Spinal Tap, and subsequently adopted the format for many of his own directorial endeavours. Co-created by Eugene Levy, Waiting for Guffman marked the first of his mock-docs. Given Levy’s involvement, and the improvisational nature of the production, it isn’t surprising to find Second City alumni peppered throughout the hugely talented ensemble cast; they each bring their A-game in this brilliantly conceived and outrageously funny comedy gem.

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"Not simply [focussed on] funny characters and punch lines but to small nudges at human nature."
Roger Ebert
"Both a savvy satire of smalltown boosterism and an affectionate salute to the performing spirit."
"Loads an arsenal of laughs into a deceptively small package."
Rolling Stone
Directed by: Christopher Guest
Featuring: Christopher Guest Eugene Levy Catherine O'Hara Fred Willard Parker Posy
Year: 1996 Runtime: 84 mins Rating: PG