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When You're In Love

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Having flown under the radar for decades, this little-seen Cary Grant musical comedy is a real treat. Grant plays Jimmy, a louche artist living it up in Mexico and running out of cash fast, who is compelled by traveling Australian opera singer Louise (Grace Moore), herself desperate to return to the States. A marriage of convenience ensues, solving practical problems, but creating bigger romantic ones. A most satisfying helping of classic Hollywood.

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"In a rich, splendidly rounded role, Cary Grant delivers a smash performance."
The Hollywood Reporter
"A frothy romance."
"There's a quaint and human something or other about this new Grace Moore release..."
Chicago Daily Tribune
Directed by: Robert Riskin Harry Lachman
Featuring: Cary Grant Thomas Mitchell Grace Moore Aline MacMahon Henry Stephenson
Year: 1937 Runtime: 110 mins Rating: STC