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Whose Streets?

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All proceeds from ticket sales to this Virtual Paradise Theatre title are donated to Black Health Alliance.

“Everyone wants things to be normal. I feel like, if you are not questioning normal, you are not paying attention.”

Doesn’t that sound familiar, these days? We’re grateful to Kino Smith distributors for the opportunity to bring this important doc to Virtual Paradise Theatre. Our current moment has an important history, stretching back centuries and, more immediately, to the Black Lives Matter protests in the 2010s. Whose Streets? brings us into homes, lives and communities of Ferguson after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed in broad daylight by a white police officer.

“Directors and activists Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis’s outstanding and incendiary documentary about Ferguson does a tremendous end run around mainstream news outlets and the agenda-driven narratives that emerge, particularly on television. Its images aren’t leaked by law enforcement or stage managed for the media, but come directly from the people who lived through the violent events of 2014. “Return to your homes!” police shout from atop their tanks. “We are home!” a beyond frustrated civilian calls back. Whose Streets? depicts injustices that have always beleaguered the African American community, but this is a film that could only have been made now.” - Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

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“Whether it's the "best" documentary of 2017 is a matter of opinion. But it is the most vital."
- Rolling Stone
“Here's what you didn't see if you aren't from there."
- Village Voice
“Outstanding and incendiary.”
- The Guardian
Directed by: Sabaah Folayan Damon Davis
Runtime: 103 mins Rating: 18A