Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

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This screening will be followed by a 45 minute concert of Arthur Russell covers performed by The Holy Oak Family Singers, featuring:

  • Robin Dann (vocals)
  • Alex Samaras (vocals)
  • Luka Kuplowsky (guitar/keys)
  • Thom Gill (guitar)
  • Evan Cartwright (drums)
  • Doug Tielli (trombone)
  • Eliza Niemi (cello)
    • This impeccably researched documentary traces the life of genre-defying songwriter Arthur Russell, who died from AIDs-related illnesses before most of his innovative and otherworldly music could be released. Filmmaker Matt Wolf (Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project) charts Russell’s journey as the Iowa-born cellist discovers intersections of genre and identity on the dance floors of New York City in the 1970s. Stitching together archival performance footage and interviews with contemporaries David Byrne and Phillip Glass (amongst others), Wild Combination is both an elegy for those lost to AIDs and a joyful tribute to a fearless creative spirit.

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“It’s impossible to hear his strange, soulful music without wanting to hear more, immediately."
The New York Times
“A window into its subject's soul while preserving the mystery at the core of his being."
AV Club
“A moving and vital document of an extraordinary artist."
The Austin Chronicle
Country: USA Year: 2008 Runtime: 136 mins Rating: STC