Iconic Soundtracks

Film and music have enjoyed an enduring love affair ever since the inception of the moving picture. The film-inspired mixtape/record/CD/Spotify playlist (insert your age-appropriate audio medium by generation here) has left an indelible impression on film lovers the world over.

In April, Paradise celebrates the art of the soundtrack, that is the assembly and creative use of different recorded songs to create something special, culturally influential and lasting. We present some of the most iconic soundtracks which have graced screens and playlists across the 20th century.

Now, for some qualifying notes: ‘soundtracks’ must include different recorded music by different artists. No scores (addio Ennio Morricone), no music by a single recording artist (so long Harold and Maude, Purple Rain, McCabe & Mrs Miller), and above all they must be ‘iconic,’ which is to say widely esteemed and enjoyed by many (sayonara obscure favourite film you saw on cable in 1994).

Why is this important? Because we invite you to weigh in and tell us what iconic movie soundtrack you would like to see on our big screen (not currently included in our series, natch). We’ll then present the most-requested film on Tuesday, April 28th at 9pm.

Vote here and stay tuned.

Past Screenings

Pulp Fiction

An eclectic blend of surf rock and '70s soul soundtracks Quentin Tarantino's postmodern masterpiece.
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