Odd Couples

With a slanted nod to the most romantic month of the year (and a leap one at that!), Paradise presents some of the movies’ most unexpected and quirky couplings, with a few other-worldly ones thrown in for good measure. Spanning decades and genres, we’ve assembled a motley season of cult favourites (Harold and Maude, Starman), modern hits (Lost in Translation, Out of Sight) and undiscovered classics (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, A Special Day), plus many other improbable and moving love stories ripe for rediscovery. Join us for our cinematic toast to the unconventional, all month long at Paradise.

In This Series

Wednesday, Feb 26
Thursday, Feb 27
Saturday, Feb 29

Coming Up

Harold and Maude

A depressed teenager forms a bond with a 79-year-old woman in this dark and quirky cult classic.
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Jeff Bridges is an alien trying to leave earth in this oddly romantic sci-fi from John Carpenter.
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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

A widow befriends the ghost of a salty sea captain in this charmingly haunted romance.
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Past Screenings

God's Own Country

Two young farmers with opposite temperaments replace loneliness with love in this stunning drama.
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Cutie and the Boxer

A compassionate portrait of two artists whose souls are often at odds, but forever intertwined.
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Queen & Slim

A bad first date turns fatefully worse when a mismatched couple have an altercation with a policeman.
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A Special Day

Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni shine in this daring drama in which sexual and party politics collide.
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Joaquin Phoenix finds love in the strangest place in this fantastic metaphysical romance.
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Out of Sight

Opposites attract in Steven Soderbergh’s whip-smart cat-and-mouse game starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez.
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Wings of Desire

An angel falls for a trapeze-swinging mortal in this joyful, lucid dream from Wim Wenders.
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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

A kidnapper and his captive explore the ties that bind in Pedro Almodóvar’s ferocious dark comedy.
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Lost in Translation

A misfit friendship blooms into something more profound in Sofia Coppola’s masterclass on navigating ennui.
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