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The Queen

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In the style of Frederick Wiseman’s observational documentaries and with incredible access, director Frank Simon takes us behind the scenes of the 1967 Miss All-America Camp Beauty Contest, and captures the days and decisions leading up to the NYC-set pageant. Just restored last year, The Queen is a fascinating record of a bygone era when there were drafts to dodge, and cross-dressing was illegal. The film is a lasting source of cultural inspiration and influence, with references popping up in RuPaul’s Drag Race to Frank Ocean’s “Ambience 001.”

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Sunday, March 1

“An essential queer time capsule.”
The Rolling Stones
“The Queen is an extraordinary documentary.”
The New York Times
“Makes gender itself seem like an urgent performance.”
The New Yorker
Directed by: Frank Simon
Country: USA Year: 1968 Runtime: 68 mins Rating: STC