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The Wizard of Oz

Part of Family Pics
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This enduringly iconic classic turns 80 this year, and thanks to the film’s recent 4K restoration, Dorothy’s Oz adventure has never looked better. Although not necessarily for the younger children (who wasn’t mildly terrified of those flying monkeys!), this timeless and dazzling musical is ripe for revisiting and (re)introducing to the next generations. Get lost in nostalgia and take a trip down the yellow brick road.

The recommended minimum age for this film is 6.

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Thursday, December 26

Part of Family Pics
" hasn't dated in the slightest."
The Independent
"A work of almost staggering iconographic, mythological, creative and simple emotional meaning..."
Directed by: Victor Fleming
Featuring: Judy Garland Frank Morgan Ray Bolger Bert Lahr Jack Haley
Runtime: 102 mins Rating: All Ages