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Young Frankenstein

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Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks’ comic masterpiece turns 45 this year, and remains a gleeful descent into inspired silliness. Wilder maintains a deadpan earnestness as Frederick Frankenstein, who inherits his infamous family’s Transylvanian estate and becomes increasingly obsessed with his late grandfather’s morbid experiments. Both a hilariously unhinged farce and a loving homage to the inky black and white of the original Frankenstein franchise, Young Frankenstein is electrified by a zoned-in ensemble cast operating at the height of their powers - including Second City alum Peter Boyle as the Monster.

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"A perfect example of early Brooks firing on all spoofily comedic cylinders."
"Mel Brooks' funniest, most cohesive comedy."
New York Times
"Works... as a comedy, and then as a weirdly touching story in its own right."
Roger Ebert
Directed by: Mel Brooks
Featuring: Cloris Leachman Gene Wilder Peter Boyle Marty Feldman Teri Garr
Year: 1974 Runtime: 106 mins Rating: PG