THE PARADISE THEATRE AND WEIRD ALICE PRESENT- EVIL WOMEN: a monthly screening series devoted to the femme fatales we desire and dread in our wildest dreams and worst nightmares! Join us on the last Sunday of the month for some unholy flicks- curated and presented by Weird Alice at the Paradise Theatre.

A TERRIFYING TALE OF SLUTS AND BOLTS. Join us on April 20th for the daring and demented reimagining of Mary Shelley's classic tale- it's 1990's FRANKENHOOKER!

After making horror history with BASKET CASE and BRAIN DAMAGE, the incomparable Frank Henenlotter unleashed FRANKENHOOKER—the greatest transmutation of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN that you’ll ever see. After accidentally murdering the love of his life, Jeffrey Franken decides to reanimate her with the help of a drug named Supercrack . . . and the body parts of a dozen streetwalkers. Feeling like a twisted mash-up between John Waters’s SERIAL MOM and Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR, FRANKENHOOKER is a bad taste triumph that revels in sublime camp, gloopy gore, and neon-soaked dreamscapes. Plus an iconic performance by Patty Mullen as the eponymous title character.

(Courtesy of American Genre Film Archive)

Sunday April 30th, 7 PM/6:30 PM Doors

Directed by:
Frank Henenlotter
United States of America (the)
95 mins

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