LONE STAR (1996)

“This hitherto peaceful congregation of neighbors and old friends had suddenly to endure the unique experience of distrusting each other; understandably, they believed that the murderer was among themselves.”

-Truman Capote, In Cold Blood

THIS NOVEMBER- It’s the season for noir, and we’re bringing it to a town near you! The Paradise Presents: SMALL TOWN CRIME- seven hardboiled crime stories with backdrops of rural tranquility. Come explore the seedy underbelly of these peaceful congregations- and how it lingers through generations of neighbours and old friends…

JOHN SAYLES INVITES YOU TO RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. One of the great American independents of the 1990s- John Sayle's LONE STAR is a modest epic- exploring the social fabric of a small Texas town with an expansive look on Western mythmaking.

In the Texas border town of Frontera, Sheriff Sam Deeds (Chris Cooper) digs up the past when he finds an old skull in the desert. As he traces the murder of Sheriff Charlie Wade (Kris Kristofferson) 40 years earlier, Deeds' investigation points toward his late father, the much-loved Deputy Buddy Deeds. Ignoring warnings not to delve any deeper, Sam rekindles a romance with his high school sweetheart while bringing up old tensions in the town and exposing secrets long put to rest.

(Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Monday November 20th, 8:30 PM/8 PM Doors

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Directed by:
John Sayles
Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Pena, Kris Kristofferson
United States of America (the)
135 mins

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