Toronto Short Film Festival (T.O. SHORT)


Come and celebrate the return of movies on The Big Screen. Support your local filmmakers as well as The Art of The Short Film. We look forward to seeing you at the Paradise Theatre, 1006 Bloor Street West (@ Ossington). The three "block of Shorts" commence daily at 6:15 pm: 7:45 pm and 9:15 pm. Sunday matinee starts at 1 pm.

Since 2015, the Toronto Short Film Festival (aka "T.O. Short") has showcased hundreds of mini-movies to sold-out Toronto cinema audiences every March.

We have screened the works of local filmmakers as well as from across Canada, the United States and 'The Rest of the World'. We have hosted filmmakers from Vancouver to St. John's; Florida to Los Angeles; France to Australia.

The festival is a hub for local filmmakers to celebrate their premieres,
thank their cast and crew, and meet their fans. International filmmakers
travel to Toronto to represent their films to a genre-savvy Toronto
audience, and film fans of all kinds pack into sold-out screenings to enjoy the very best of short form.

Toronto Short screens more than 100 short films every festival - 117 this year -  making it
the biggest short film festival in Toronto. (every film is selected from submissions via FilmFreeway.)

Toronto Short alumni have gone on to enjoy frequent screenings on the
wider festival circuit, garnered numerous awards for their work, and gone on to bigger projects with collaborators found at the festival.


Saturday March 18th

  • 6:15 PM- 7:30 PM: Block #1

Clicked On Romance by Carlos Coronado | Escape to Eternity by Alison Reid | Movie Night by Alexandra Augustine | Memory by Keefe Jasson | Scenes to Watch When You're Sad by Kyle McParland | Butterfly by Mercenary | Elephant Sheets by Georgia Hunter | The Forest King by Lubomir Arsov

  • 7:45 PM- 9 PM: Block #2

Twenty-Seven by Stanford Theodore Gough | Virtual G I R L by Connie Ellen, Glachan Cloneliness by Joel Marsh, Ben Crowell | Swimmer by Duane Crichton | Tabanca by Lauren Marsden | Freshly Brewed by Leah Renaud, Maria Nicole Lepore | Dandelion Green by Kathleen Burgess

  • 9:15 PM-10:30 PM: Block #3 Experimental Shorts

Re-Joy-In by Anastasia Lopatina | Syko by Raha Euphoria | The Future Innu by Stéphane Nepton | Not Lost by Aina-Louisa Carter | Envelop by Clio Westhoff | Portrait of My City Breathing by Vanessa Shah | Immortal by Mark Ziber | Discofish by Andrew Deveaux | Mixed Signals by Thomas van Kampen | Beauty behind the Madness by Stephanie Ann Mille | Hand Stitched by Virginia Broyles, Chris Lee

Sunday March 19th

  • 1:00 PM-2:15 PM: Block #4 Documentaries 

One Happy Van by Eden Wassermann | Le Sélect by Raval Alviarez | What Remains by Kylie Edwards | The Road Back To Cowessess by Sean Parenteau | The Sunny Side by Samuel Kilpatrick Pandaland | Making IT Count by Martha Davis Samqwan | Water by Pamela Palmater 

  • 2:30 PM-3:45 PM: Block #5

Diggin' A Hole by David Bragg | Sunflower by Bryan Edwards | Invisible by Dale Willman | A Severe Case of Prudery by Humberly Gonzalez | Partnr by Kaylin Rizer Allshouse | Christina by Gerald Patrick Fantone

  • 4:00 PM-5:15 PM : Block #6

Sik Fan by Jamie Lee | Ursa by Ellie Hatzitolios | La Grima by Jay Evan Renteria | Austin Madrid Revelations by Chara Ho | Astroman by Alistair Simpson | Flyer Boys by Taras Lesiuk

  • 6:15 PM-7:30 PM: Block #7

ADHD - Säye Skye by Sina Dolati | Laundromonster by Mikayla Trainor | Say My Name by Al Braatz | PB & J by Richard Lee | The Ratcatcher's Daughter by Jim Bryson, Adam Jeffcoat | Rachel and Raha by Nedda Sarshar | A Dust of Phantasm by Mathew Ouzounis

  • 7:45 PM-9 PM: Block #8 

Near and Far by Vasilis Glezakos | Intuition by Intuition by Sadé Awele, Bruna Arbex, Marginal Factory Production | Anthony & Ben Ruin the Universe - No Fee Too Small by Mark Syer | Flames by Matthew Manhire | Happy for You by Francis Luta | Persistence by Krista Barzso, Neil Schell | A Talk in the Park by Zach Marsh | Wild Music by Jaymz Bee

  • 9:15 PM-10:30 PM: Block #9 Horror 

Purity by Carolina Gama Di Grado | The Right One by A.J. Demers | Abigail Lapell: Old Flames by Fugitives | Clockwork Seamstress by Nick Dragas | The Scrapped by Suzanne Lacey | Neck Tattoo by Brett McNeill | Three Gifts by John Palaganas | Cordelia! by Melissa Jones | The Second Hand by Tristan Hamburgh

Monday March 20th 

  • 6:15 PM-7:30 PM: Block #10 

The Heart of Ravenscrag by Dale Hildebrand | Nothing to See Here by Marc Ignacio | Hot & Bothered by Jill Riley, Caitlin McConkey-Pirie | Buon Ferragosto by Claudia Miatello | Can I Help You? by CinePsych led by Nadeem Akhtar | Free (Asatoma Mantra Mix) by Rhea Mehta, Negin Sairafi | A Vegan Love Story by Daniela Di Salvo | The Second Hand by Tristan Hamburgh | A Man Walks Into a Bar by Adam Gaudreault

  • 7:45 PM-9 PM: Block #11

Initiation by Taras Lesiuk | Moving Violation by Eric Bergemann | La Rosa Purpurea by Enzo De Rosa | The Van by Conner Stirling | Quiche by Suzannah Moore | Choking Hazard by Allanna Storing, Victoria Givlin | Richard and Mary by Emily Lawson | Home With You by Jane Aster Roe, Michelle Crossman

  • 9:15 PM-10:30 PM: Block #12 Documentaries Part Deux

Riverdale Park by George Tang, Zoe Zhou | Behind The Berms by Natalie Castellino, Matthew Higginson | The Farm-acist by Allison Fripps | Pop Shuv by Brandon Cole More Than Gold: The Story of The Yukon Soaps Company by Jesse Blight | Rising (Lil Berete) by Avery Harris Stedman | We Went Out by Ian Kamau | Doing It For Love: Vines Art Festival; Stories from Creative Communities in a Global Pandemic by Israel Seoane

Tuesday March 21st 

  • 6:15 PM-7:30 PM: Block #13

Life Is A Gift by Gloria Joy Kazuko Muhammad, Mu Knowles Fugly by Nicholas Ewart | The Time Is Right by Diane Carol Harder | We Are The Land by Morag Megan Northey, Max Winona Chu | Underpaint by Anna Hopkins | Little Bird by Tee Schneider | Tapeboy by King Dawit

  • 7:45 PM- 9 PM: Block #14

Bunnygirls Meet The Void by Cherelle Ann Sarah Higgins | Just Listen by Beth Ryan | Movin' On Up by Amy Quick | The Midnight Retaliator by Peter Hajdu | Love You, Goodbye by Nick Laws | Mayonnaise by Eli Speigel

  • 9:15-10:30 PM: Block #15 Final Show!

Buys Houses by Kyle Woolven | The Runner by Mitchell Pohlmann | The Forgetting Device by Chris Remerowski | Used Furniture by Conor Forrest | 3 Seconds In, 6 Seconds Out by Christopher Beaulieu | Above Her Lips by Linda Wong






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